UNTAMED Balkans is our longest and most challenging expedition designed for accomplished ADV riders, who are able to ride on demanding terrains for days. If you appreciate the beauty of the unpredictable and want to deeply explore this fiery region, this is it. Welcome to the heart of South East Europe!


Offroad experience

Dificulty level

Challenging to hard

Unpaved roads and off road



3000 kilometers


17 days vacation

Countries covered

Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro

Group capacity

4-6 riders max

Joining expedition


Start / Finish




Motorbike rent

KTM 690 LC4


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  • 17 days vacation total
  • 13 riding days
  • 2 rest days
  • 1 arrival and preparation days
  • 1 goodbye and departure days


Follow the sun setting behind the limestone peaks, touch the war wounds of towns and villages, put your suspension and willpower to the ultimate test. It’s a top notch adventure set on tiring the tireless and spiking the adrenaline of every maniac out there.


This is a true expedition: we go far and discover the unknown carrying everything with us. Speaking of the unknown, at least 5% of planned tracks pass through areas where even the expedition leader has never been before.


Sixteen nights in sixteen amazing locations - from family-run homesteads to wild camping in the mountains. Even though they’re one-night stands, you’ll remember them for the rest of your life!


All the Balkan specials and cleverly balanced meals, and plenty of them, as we will (definitely) need it! We will try both traditional rural food and great contemporary dishes by local star chefs! There’s also a rising culture of craft beer and long-established tradition of wine making so pick your poison!


  • Medvednica mountain
  • Una river
  • Šator lake
  • Čvrsnica mountain
  • Bjelašnica mountain
  • Village of Lukomir
  • Durmitor mountain
  • Sinjajevina mountain
  • Štavna mountain
  • Bjelasica mountain
  • Herzegovina
  • Dalmatian hinterland
  • Svilaja mountain
  • Promina mountain
  • Dinara mountain
  • Velebit mountain
  • Zrmanja river
  • Krupa river
  • Croatian coast
  • Island of Pag
  • Bjelolasica mountain


  • 1
    Day Arrival and meeting in Zagreb

    Arrival to Zagreb for most expedition members. We’ll be spending the afternoon in a garage, getting to know each other, practicing and preparing our bikes. Those who decide to rent will be able to adjust risers, footpegs, suspensions etc. After discussing the expedition plan, it’s time for dinner. We have a rule: beer for the group is on whoever loses something from their bike on our way to the restaurant!

  • 2
    Day Zagreb to Una river

    Let’s see how well we’ve prepared for this expedition. We’ll be avoiding asphalt and riding diverse off roads along rivers, across mountains and passing through remote villages and wilderness until we’ve reached the river Una. The sun sets with us setting up camp and cooking a dinner over fire.

  • 3
    Day Una river to Glamoč

    Apart from a few old villages and two smaller towns along the way, today we are moving away from civilization. We are slowly approaching the most beautiful parts of Bosnia. Long twisting macadams, pastures, lakes and rivers... it’s getting serious!

  • 4
    Day Glamoč to Čvrsnica mountain

    Dusty macadams, stone chunks the size of bowling balls and captivating mountains... It's going to be one of the longest and most beautiful days.

  • 5
    Day Čvrsnica mountain to Bjelašnica mountain
    (via Velež and Prenj)

    Believe it or not, today we’ll be climbing four consecutive mountains! Hold tight and hope you don’t get a broken light or a hole in your helmet from sputtering pebbles. We’ll be sleeping in a modest family farm in the small village of Lukomir hidden on top of the mountain. Lukomir also boasts as being the highest village of Bosnia.

  • 6
    Day Lukomir Rest Day

    Those who feel tired today have the opportunity to get some rest. Others can stretch their legs and hike or explore Lukomir, the highest village in Bosnia, which only recently got its road to civilization. Those who are still hungry for more will get an ideal chance for a rough enduro. After dinner it’s time for group engine check and fixing whatever needs to be fixed. There is much more ahead of us and our bikes.

  • 7
    Day Bjelašnica mountain to Durmitor mountain

    Apart from the short ride through the historical valley of Sutjeska River, we’ll be spending all day in the mountains: Bjelašnica, Visočica, Treskavica, Zelengora, Volujak, Maglić... This day will feel like eternity! We’ll be ending it in a charming Alpine-like town on Durmitor Mountain. Prepare to undo a button or two, traditional Montenegrin food is on the menu!

  • 8
    Day Durmitor mountain to Komovi mountain

    You’ll love our first day-long ride through Montenegro! Dozens of peaks, plateaus, rivers, lakes... it’s a smaller replica of Kyrgyzstan! The best place to share your daily impressions is “Katun” - a shepherds hut turned into a family farm along with a restaurant and accommodation that sits high up in the mountains.

  • 9
    Day Komovi mountain to city of Šavnik

    Another day in the Montenegrin mountains. We’ll be searching for the best path following the barely recognizable traces in the tall grass and jolt our kidneys on rocky slopes. You’ll hate us for Mrtvica canyon, and love me for everything else :) We might go on a short swim in one of the magical Montenegrin mountain lakes.

  • 10
    Day Šavnik to Stolac
    We’ll be going through old villages, either abandoned or inhabited with old people who didn’t agree with or didn’t get the opportunity to adapt to "progress". Observe the touching simplicity of their lives and enjoy a great ride filled with stories from local history and culture!

  • 11
    Day Stolac to Split

    We’ll be spending most of the day on the famous Croatian coast! From the old Illyrian town, across the old pirate town of Omiš, we drive to the old Roman city of Split. Where else could you get such diversity? Riding through Dalmatian karst offers a unique experience.

  • 12
    Day Split Rest Day

    This is our last rest day and after 10 days of wilderness everyone could use a good rest. You could visit the ancient Diocletian's palace or just indulge in ‘fjaka’, a sleepy Dalmatian state of mind.

  • 13
    Day Split to Zrmanja river

    From the big lazy city of Split, we move to peace and serenity of the Dalmatian outback. Expect an amusing team chase on the mountains of the most remote parts of Croatia. Hope you brought an extra blanket, tonight we’ll be sleeping by the river.

  • 14
    Day Zrmanja river to Velebit mountain
    (via Island of Pag)

    Did anybody even come this far reading this itinerary? You’ll be happy to know that the island of Pag has some of the best seafood restaurants in the world. Did you know that an excellent soup can be made of sea stone? You’ll get an even better perspective on Pag from the top of Velebit, the most beautiful Croatian mountain.

  • 15
    Day Velebit mountain to Fužine

    Wake up to the smell of fresh coffee and breakfast cooked over a fire. Eat it up because today’s gonna be rough! Today we’ll be traversing this sturdy mountain and continue to the forests of hinterland.

  • 16
    Day Fužine to Zagreb

    Yesterday we kissed the sea goodbye and now with every mile we’re deeper in the continent. We’re not returning to Zagreb in any of the "conventional" ways! This is your last chance to go wild on a heavier Enduro course. We descend to the picturesque town of Samobor and ride by the river all the way to Zagreb.

  • 17
    Day Farewell and departure from Zagreb

    We’re back but it's not over yet! Depending on the flight schedule, we still have enough time to grab a plentiful lunch and exchange impressions, photos, equipment... I know, I know, you’ll be back! :) Until then, I wish you thousands of wonderful miles! See ya!



18.05-03.06 8 left


15.06-01.078 left


13.07-29.078 left


10.08-26.08 8 left


07.09-23.09 8 left


    • Experienced and mechanically skilled expedition lead(s) capable of fixing most malfunctions on the bike
    • All tools needed for a quick fix on the way
    • Engine oil, hail lube and everything for the proper bike maintenance
    • All overnight stays in carefully selected accomodation
    • All tools necessary for group meals cooked on a campfire
    • All breakfasts and dinners on the expedition, including wild camping
    • One drink during dinner
    • Farewell lunch/dinner

    *Note: possibility of tasting seasonal mushrooms, vegetables, fruits, berries, herbs and spices along the route

    • BTLS certified expedition lead(s)
    • Comprehensive group medical kit
    • GPS maps and GPX tracks
    • The best local area paper maps
    • Compass
    • *Rented bikes are equipped with original Garmin Montana and 276xc devices mount
    • Comprehensive personal travel, health and accident insurance
    • Bike damage or theft insurance
    • Airport pick up & drop off
    • Safe storage for one extra suitcase per person


  • RIDE
    • Motorbike
    • Fuel
    • Spare parts
    • Tires
    • Specific tools for your bike
    • Helmet
    • Hidration pack
    • Riding boots
    • Protectors
    • Riding jacket and pants
    • Gloves
    • Googles
    • Dry bags, safe bags
    *Note: We can provide limited amounts of personal equipment and special tools. Don't forget mention it in inquiry!
    • Lunches or any food which is not stated as included
    • Any beverage that is not stated as included
    • Tent
    • Sleeping bag and sleeping mattress
    • Pocket knife
    • Dining set: pot, spoon and fork
    • Mobile phone, cameras and personal values cover/protection
    • Specific mounts for camera, gps and other personal devices (if you bring along your own device/s)


    • KTM 690 LC4 from our fleet
    • Bike rent from our cooperants
    • Spare parts
    • Tires
    *Note: spare parts must be announced 2 months in advance!
    • Transfer and import/export of your own bike here and back
    • Storing your bike in a safe garage in Zagreb, Croatia
    • If you don’t own a tent, we offer a rent of basic camping set: tent, sleeping bag, mattress and dining set
    • Additional damage and theft insurances
    • Additional personal travel, health and accident insurances
    • Cancelation insurance