When was the last time you were followed by eagles while riding or you fell asleep listening to wolves howling in the distance? If that thought excites you as much as it scares you, this might be the perfect expedition for you. It’s the wildest and rawest UNTAMED expedition!


Offroad experience

Dificulty level

Challenging to hard

Unpaved roads and off road



2500 kilometers


15 days vacation

Countries covered

Albania, Montenegro

Group capacity

4-6 riders max

Joining expedition


Start / Finish




Motorbike rent

KTM 690 LC4


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  • 15 days vacation total
  • 11 riding days
  • 2 rest days
  • 1 arrival and preparation days
  • 1 goodbye and departure days


Passing through Montenegrin and Albanian villages feels like a time-machine to a distant history. We’re the main event for local kids, who run after bikes shouting and laughing. For a moment it’s like you’re on another continent. Countless crossings over majestic mountains, however, remind you that it’s impossible to mistake this place for any other.


We did our best to create expeditions where all riders will be equal. With this idea in mind, part of the planned route (up to 10%) will be ridden on terrains even we’re unfamiliar with! We’re a true expedition, independent and self-reliant. If we get into trouble, we’ll just have to figure out how to get out from it.


On this expedition, as well as on other UNTAMED gems, we’re skipping dull, ordinary hotels. If we plan to sleep under a roof at all, we usually choose places that offer an extraordinary experience.


Montenegro is a country of mountain villages, still somewhat isolated from civilization, and Albania has been in a blockade for a long time. Due to that, there are many opportunities in both countries to taste authentic, unchanged, native traditional food and drinks. On a few occasions we’ll be around Western World cuisine so don’t you worry about abstinence crisis from burgers and pizza.


  • Piva lake
  • Durmitor mountain
  • Sinjajevina mountain
  • Štavna mountain
  • Bjelasica mountain
  • Komovi mountain
  • Kapetanovo lake
  • Skadarsko lake
  • Theth
  • Prokletije mountains
  • Valbona
  • Black Drim river
  • Gjirocaster
  • Tomorr mountain
  • Albanian mountains


  • 1
    Day Arrival and meeting in Dubrovnik

    Today, most expedition members will arrive in Dubrovnik. We’ll be spending the afternoon in a garage, getting to know each other, practicing and preping our bikes. Those who decide to rent will be able to adjust risers, footpegs, suspensions etc. After discussing the expedition plan, it’s time for dinner. We have a rule: beer for the group is on whoever loses something from the bike on our way to the restaurant!

  • 2
    Day Dubrovnik to Durmitor mountain

    We go through fertile river valleys, along the canyon of Sutjeska River, surrounded by Maglić, Volujak, Sniježnica, Zelengora mountains and Perućica, the last European rainforest. This region was the scene of the most important battles against nazis in World War II. After crossing to Montenegro, we follow Tara canyon - the deepest canyon of Europe and the second deepest canyon in the world! We are heading to Durmitor.

  • 3
    Day Durmitor mountain to Komovi mountain

    After a night in the mountains, we'll grab a rich traditional breakfast. We’ll be staying in the mountains for a while, enjoying barely recognizable tracks through golden plains, difficult off-roads and clear lakes that offer refreshment. If you haven’t tried it the night before, don’t miss out on "cicvara" and "kačamak".

  • 4
    Day Komovi mountain to Theth

    The ride from Komovi takes us along canyon of the famous Tara river. Let's say that Kučke mountains are pretty different from everything you’ve seen so far. Both for the technical terrain and the beauty, the Kučke mountains will slow us down a bit. We descend from the mountains and then, when we are near Skadar Lake, turn to the east and cross the border to Albania. The ride ends with climb to Theth, a well-known destination in ADV circles.

  • 5
    Day Theth Rest day

    The simple beauty of Theth will enchant everyone. There’s a big chance that we’ll run into a bunch of motorcyclists here because we’re on the Trans Euro Trail. Those who want to stretch their legs can go on a wonderful one-day hiking tour to Prokletije (meaning: Cursed Mountains). Those who want to torture their bikes a bit more, have a perfect playground around them - rev and ride.

  • 6
    Day Theth to Lurë NP Lakes

    We’re riding through the rock strewn and yet quite gentle Albanian hills. This is the true middle of nowhere! The remains of Enver Hoxa’s dictatorship can be seen seen everywhere - concrete trenches are literally scattered all over the country, built to defend it from the phantom enemy. You will see some incredibly imaginative examples of transforming these former "military" objects into tourist attractions.

  • 7
    Day Lurë NP Lakes to Elbasan

    After a night spent at the Nature Park, next to the lake, it’s time for our morning routines - engine check, chain lubrication, packing and getting back on our bikes. Today you’ll be learning what life is like in continental Albania. Our destination is Elbasan - a surprisingly developed "urban" town. I'm sure you've been hoping for Western Food by now, so you'll be delighted to hear you can have a pizza or T-bone!

  • 8
    Day Elbasan to Pershkopi

    As soon as we leave Elbasan, we’ll be riding on winding mountain roads through barely populated or even totally uninhabited areas. We’ll cross over or ride the famous TET several times! This means we’ll also meet TET bikers and, as usual, stop to share impressions and advice. But let’s not get all chatty, Pershkopi awaits.

  • 9
    Day Pershkopi to Valbona

    You might be a bit tired due to the past three days. It’s a more casual ride but there are still miles to go. We’ll be riding along the Valbona River until we reach our most charming point, the village of Valbona beneath the magnificent Prokletije mountains.

  • 10
    Day Valbona rest day

    Tired already? Most of us will probably be zen (and lazy) in this beautiful setting but those who can’t get enough will have a chance for a great enduro ride in a dry riverbed.

  • 11
    Day Valbona to Skadar Lake

    We’ll be catching a ferry and sail for about 35 kilometers on the artificial lake of Koman, built on the river Drim and then continue riding along Drim all the way to Skadar lake where we’re staying overnight. If we’re not too tired after today's short ride, we can reward ourselves with a night out in Skadar.

  • 12
    Day Skadar lake to Komovi mountain

    Dear Montenegro, we’re back! A shorter ride than usual lets us go wild on Komovi and some shorter mountain climbs to the nearby hills. The sun sets in “Katun” - a shepherds hut turned into a family farm along with a restaurant and accommodation that sits high up in the mountains.

  • 13
    Day Komovi mountain to Nikšić

    We’ll be looking for the barely recognizable traces in gently swishing grass. You’ll both hate me because of the Mrtvica canyon and love me for everything else. There will be opportunities to take a short rest and swim in one of the most beautiful Montenegrin mountain lakes.

  • 14
    Day Nikšić to Dubrovnik

    To get away from the main roads, we’ll be going to the technical terrains of the outback. Are you ready to shake your kidneys up on some rocky slopes? At some point we’ll be getting back to the road we know from our first day of expedition. There’s still a short ride to Dubrovnik where the adventure finally ends.

  • 15
    Day Farewell and departure from Dubrovnik

    Yes, we are in Dubrovnik but it's not all over yet. Depending on the flight schedule, we might still get enough time to taste seafood, take a tour around the old city of Dubrovnik or simply go through our impressions over a glass of wine... no need to be sad, you know you’ll be back for more! :) But until then, I wish you some amazing rides!



06.07-20.07 8 left


24.08-07.09 8 left

*Every date will be guaranteed after 4 (or more) reservations


    • Experienced and mechanically skilled expedition lead(s) capable of fixing most malfunctions on the bike
    • All tools needed for a quick fix on the way
    • Engine oil, hail lube and everything for the proper bike maintenance
    • All overnight stays in carefully selected accomodation
    • All tools necessary for group meals cooked on a campfire
    • All breakfasts and dinners on the expedition, including wild camping
    • One Drimk during dinner
    • Farewell lunch/dinner

    *Note: possibility of tasting seasonal mushrooms, vegetables, fruits, berries, herbs and spices along the route

    • BTLS certified expedition lead(s)
    • Comprehensive group medical kit
    • GPS maps and GPX tracks
    • The best local area paper maps
    • Compass
    • *Rented bikes are equipped with original Garmin Montana and 276xc devices mount
    • Comprehensive personal travel, health and accident insurance
    • Bike damage or theft insurance
    • Airport pick up & drop off
    • Safe storage for one extra suitcase per person


  • RIDE
    • Motorbike
    • Fuel
    • Spare parts
    • Tires
    • Specific tools for your bike
    • Helmet
    • Hidration pack
    • Riding boots
    • Protectors
    • Riding jacket and pants
    • Gloves
    • Googles
    • Dry bags, safe bags
    *Note: We can provide limited amounts of personal equipment and special tools. Don't forget mention it in inquiry!
    • Lunches or any food which is not stated as included
    • Any beverage that is not stated as included
    • Tent
    • Sleeping bag and sleeping mattress
    • Pocket knife
    • Dining set: pot, spoon and fork
    • Mobile phone, cameras and personal values cover/protection
    • Specific mounts for camera, gps and other personal devices (if you bring along your own device/s)


    • KTM 690 LC4 from our fleet
    • Bike rent from our cooperants
    • Spare parts
    • Tires
    *Note: spare parts must be announced 2 months in advance!
    • Transfer and import/export of your own bike here and back
    • Storing your bike in a safe garage in Zagreb, Croatia
    • If you don’t own a tent, we offer a rent of basic camping set: tent, sleeping bag, mattress and dining set
    • Additional damage and theft insurances
    • Additional personal travel, health and accident insurances
    • Cancelation insurance